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Residentie Hiawatha Algemene Voorwaarden

The General Rent Conditions listed below, embody the principles based on which "Residentie Hiawatha" rents out the apartments shown on its website. The 'lessor' mentioned in the general conditions is the unincorporated association, made up of the heirs of Mr. Hendrik Olivier, or the association's representative; the 'lessee' being the person who takes the initiative to rent, and under whose name the reservation is being booked.

The actual reservation & the rent contract implicate that the lessee is well aware of these General Rent Conditions & that he/she accepts them.

Article 1: rent/rates
The weekly rates indicated on the website of the "Residentie Hiawatha" are the rates at which the lease is being concluded. The lessor retains the right to every year adapt the rates in December for the coming year.

Article 2: how to make a reservation?
The lessee makes a reservation for the requested periods with the lessor through the website www.res-hiawatha.com.

Article 3: shortest rent period possible
Principally, the rent period is for a minimum of 7 days, i.e. 1 week, from Saturday through Saturday. Other periods are also possible though. In order to arrange the lat-ter, the lessor has to be contacted in person.

Article 4: payments
The lessee, upon receiving a confirmation of his reservation, will pay within 8 days' ti-me, the security (i.e. € 400) & additionally 50% of the rent. In case of no payment being received within this period, the reservation is being annulled automatically.

The remainder of the rent ought to be paid TEN days before the start of the vacation period at the latest.

Article 5: security
The amount of the security is € 400, sum which needs to be paid at reservation.

The lessor or his representatives have the right to deny the lessee access to the rented apartment in case the security & the rent have not been paid.

The amount of the security will be returned within two months after the lessee's de-parture, after deduction of the eventual costs caused by damage to the property, of the utility costs during the winter period, and of the telephone costs.

Damage caused to the property upon leaving the rented apartment, or caused to the "Residentie Hiawatha" building will be assessed by the lessor or will be signaled by the lessee.

The lessee will in any case be held responsible for possible losses or for damage either caused to the apartment or the furniture during the rent period, or noticed by the lessee upon his moving in to the apartment but failing to make mention of it.

Article 6: arrival & departure hours
Leaving aside expressly made exceptions, the lessee should schedule his arrival starting from 4:30 p.m., provided the cleaning has been ended. The lessee should in-form the lessor of the planned hour of arrival.

Leaving aside otherwise made arrangements, the departure should be planned on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the latest, at which time the rented apartment, the parking area & the garage should be available for cleaning by the cleaning team. Whenever this arrangement is not being honored, a daily compensation of € 50 will be charged automatically.

Article 7: changes - cancellations
Whatever change or alteration of the previously booked reservation entitles the lessor to charge the lessee for the ensuing costs.

Cancellation of a previously booked reservation entails the obligation for the lessee to pay the following compensations:
• 25% of the rent in case of cancellation before the 90th day before the start of the rent period;
• 50% of the rent in case of cancellation between the 90th & the 75th day before the start of the rent period;
• 75% of the rent in case of cancellation between the 75th & the 30th day before the start of the rent period;
• 90% of the rent in case of cancellation between the 30th & the last day before the start of the rent period;
• 100% of the rent in case the lessee fails to show up at the first day of the rent period without any notice.

The extra costs caused by the cancellation will be deducted eventually.

The lessor should be informed of a cancellation by e-mail; the latter can be conside-red to have been accepted only after the lessor has sent a confirmation e-mail in re-turn.

Article 8: utility costs (gas, electricity, water)
Not included are the costs for water, gas & electricity; the quantities consumed will be charged according to the rates charged by the water, gas & electricity supplier.

Article 9: pets
Pets are not allowed, unless explicit, prior, written consent by the lessor.

Article 10: obligations of the lessee
The lessee should follow all instructions given by the lessor so as to guarantee the rent's correct implementation.

The lessee causing/being able to cause nuisance or trouble that can/could seriously influence the correct implementation of the rent, can be excluded from the (continu-ation of the) rent by the lessor.

Except for the revocation of the rent already paid, and provided he/she can be held res-ponsible for the consequences of the nuisance or the trouble, all extra costs ensuing there from will be charged to the lessee.

Article 11: liability of the lessee
In case of the lessee, or any third party visiting him/her or staying with him/her, cau-sing damage to the rented apartment or to the movables in the "Residentie Hiawatha" 's building, the lessee will be held responsible. In such a case, the lessee can revert to his own insurance company.

When leaving the rented apartments, they must have been cleaned. If so wished, one can ask the lessor to have the apartments cleaned. This service has to be orde-red upon reservation, and at the rate indicated there.

Whenever one opts for cleaning performed via the lessor, the cleaning does not in-clude the removal of all kinds of food & other remaining refuse which needs to be re-moved by the lessee. Garbage bags issued by the commune of De Haan can be pur-chased for that purpose (at the tram stop in the centre a.o. places); these can be left outside at the appropriate days (a list with the garbage removal schedule is available in each apartment & has been posted at the entrance of the "Residentie Hiawatha").

In case the lessee fails to conform to this requirement, an extra cost will be charged.

Article 12: insurance
Prior to his stay, the lessee should either have a family liability insurance policy, or effect one for that purpose.

Article 13: number of people allowed
The number of people allowed per night depends on the amount of beds available in the rented apartment, in accordance with "Residentie Hiawatha" 's website indica-tions.

If no heed is being paid to this requirement, the lessor reserves the right to deny ac-cess to "Residentie Hiawatha".

During the rental period It is strictly forbidden to substitute another lessee for the ori-ginal one, unless a previous & written agreement concerning this matter was reached with the lessor.

Article 14: sale of the apartments
At the moment the apartments are being sold, the rent will be transferred to the new landlord.

The latter can immediately, by giving 15 days' notice, and by means of a re-gistered letter, cancel the rents which have already been initiated.

Article 15: competent court
Whatever disagreement ensuing from the reservation & the rent is subject to Belgian law, and belongs to the competence of the court of the Bruges judicial district.

Zeedijk 38 8420 De Haan België | Tel.: +32(0)472/21 79 22 | E-mail: info@res-hiawatha.com